Music To Dreamscape By

Krista and I met online because we both love Dreamscaping. I am honored she chose Dreamscape No. 343 as the cover art for her newest CD!

Krista’s Dreamscaping music, softly playing in my last two alcohol ink art instructional DVDs: Level 2 Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping and Piñata On Ceramic Tiles, creates a relaxed atmosphere. 

The state of heart and mind we find ourselves, is often revealed in our art. Feeling rushed, pressured, nervous, uptight, anxious or even angry? Consider listening to music to help lead the way to a state more conducive to creativity and free flowing art.

Listen to Krista’s newest CD: Dreamscapes Sampler

For CD Pricing Info:  Click Here


Travel Lightly When Dreamscaping

Leave any extra baggage behind 🙂


4 thoughts on “Music To Dreamscape By

  1. What a beautiful painting and an honor to featured on the cover! Love your quote to “travel lightly when Dreamscaping…”

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