Florence, The Special One

If you’re keeping up with my Facebook Page, you know my latest fascination with Edward & his four lady friends 🙂

Edward & his friends: Marilyn, Margaret, Floosie and Florence, “Flo” to her closest friends, live at John C. Campbell Folk School and I am loving getting to know them through camera lens and paintbrush.

I was delighted to get this reference photo of Florence and have spent the day working on her portrait. She is an Ameraucana and the special one of the group. Maybe because her eggs are a pretty, mint green.

I’ve not yet been accepted into her inner circle to call her “Flo,” but I think she is considering it as she finally posed for the camera. Up until the two photos above, she has pretty much ignored me.

Here is the watercolor of Florence, last, but certainly not least of Edward’s Four. Portraits of Edward and the others are in my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

I’ll share most of the process of this painting over the next few posts. As usual, the first thing I do after the sketch is experiment with colors I want to use, this time, with Florence’s approval, of course 🙂

Edward and his friends are making my Spring a happy one!

Hoping for a happy Spring for all!



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