Why The Switch To Piñata?

Orders are beginning to come in for my 3rd and newest DVD, Piñata Alcohol Inks On Ceramic Tile now available on my website. My first 2 DVDs Level 1 and Level 2 Dreamscaping with June Rollins® featured Ranger/Adirondack Alcohol Inks. It’s only natural the folks that bought the first two DVDs are asking, why the switch?

Why does any artist experiment with different brands of paper, paint and brushes? Because different brands and combinations yield different effects.

I was actually introduced to Piñata Alcohol Inks by a student during one of my workshops in 2010. I remember her singing the praises of “Sapphire Blue.” Finally, three years later, after trying it, I understand why.

Dreamscape No. 340 on Ceramic Tile With Piñata Sapphire Blue

I consider Ranger/Adirondack Alcohol Inks, which I continue to use in my beginner workshops on yupo, a user-friendly, versatile ink. I was content to use only Ranger/Adirondack Alcohol Inks until I began working on ceramic tile.

Finished art tiles on decorative boxes would not be under glass and would need to be sealed. Ranger/Adirondack Alcohol Inks can be used on tile, but when it came to sealing, I discovered a little more care was needed.

The sometimes unpredictable results of sealing Ranger/Adirondack led me to try other brands. Piñata, a thicker alcohol ink, was the one that had little to no change when sealed.

And the colors were soooo intense. Plus, their white, which is called Blanco behaved totally different than Ranger Snowdrop and Piñata Rich Gold that has actual gold metal flakes yielded completely different results than Ranger Gold Metallic…..all of which and more I demonstrate in my 3rd DVD, Piñata Alcohol Inks On Ceramic Tiles Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Let’s Keep Dreaming 🙂

9 thoughts on “Why The Switch To Piñata?

  1. I’m totally loving the Piñata inks, June…and you’re right, the Sapphire Blue is awesome, and I really like the white – it’s a good corrective at times. Haven’t tried their gold yet or working on tile, but I sure do want to.

  2. I have making coasters with alcohol inks and seal them with polyurethane clear coat. The coaster still scratches and chips. Please help if you can.
    Thanks Carol

  3. Carol, I don’t recommend using AI Art as coasters and trivets. Others are doing it though. You may want to ask your question in one of the AI FB groups.

  4. Wow. Wow.. Wow! Love this stuff! Just tecently found out about alcohol ink, made my own instead of going out to buy some, late one evening. Most if it turned out very nice. Especially pink, purple, yellow, orange and blue. I’ve been having fun experimenting with them ever since. Is your DVD still available?

  5. What do you seal the tiles with? I just led a mystery craft night at my local library and we made tile coasters using ranger alcohol inks.

  6. Kayla, I’m not using anything differently from what I wrote about in my book. Others are trying different methods. You may want to ask your question in any of the alcohol ink art Facebook groups for more suggestions.

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