Over 170 DVDs Have Sold!

Over 170 Level 1 & 2 Dreamscaping With June Rollins® DVDs Have Sold!

I’m happy my DVDs are being received well. I love hearing from excited beginners, thrilled with their results and more experienced artists  energized from this looser, more intuitive approach, eager to implement  the Dreamscaping method into their own styles and mediums.  One artist in particular stood out to me this week, Linda Powell.

Linda ordered my Deluxe Kit on Feb. 4th and has already created 35 paintings! One of my favorites is Dreamy Abstract No. 101, shown above. She told me she loves getting lost in the Dreamscaping Process. Easy to do with this, fun, intuitive method that uses no brushes or pre-planned sketches.

Linda’s art and online marketing got my attention, but I especially wanted to share her story after she told me:

I am self taught…took painting up about 7 years ago when I found out I had breast cancer. Glad I bought your kit because I just found out that I have breast cancer again (this time a different type) and it has helped me keep my mind off the cancer and the treatment…keeps my hands busy.

See more of Linda’s work in her Etsy Shop

We all have stories humming beneath the surface of our art. Some stories are filled with the joy and struggles of learning a new painting method, others are filled with the joy and struggles of life. Have you purchased my DVDs and have a meaningful story to share? If so, hope you will comment below.

Let’s Keep Dreaming 🙂

See preview clips of my 3rd DVD available April 2013:  Piñata Dreamscaping On Ceramic Tile With June Rollins®

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