30 In 30 Observations & Outcomes

On Dec. 27th, I accepted Leslie’ Saeta’s Challenge of 30 Paintings in 30 Days.

I chose to paint 30 Alcohol Ink, Ceramic Tile Dreamscapes which are  posted at Daily Dreamscaping With June Rollins™

Here Are My 30 In 30 Observations & Outcomes


  1. Jan. was a fun, motivated month by having this common, public goal with over 200 other artists.
  2. As a result of this commitment, I planned better and painted more. For example, I knew I would be 1 week out of town mid-Jan., and painted ahead.
  3. Being specific helped me stay focused and meet my goal. The medium was alcohol inks, the brand Piñata and the substrate, ceramic tiles.
  4. There was a sense of accomplishment and relief at the end of 30 days and 30 paintings! 


  1. I really got to know and love Piñata, a richly pigmented, thicker alcohol ink.
  2. I also got to know and love working on ceramic tiles, which are considerably different from Yupo.
  3. I experimented and found sealants for UV protection and handling.
  4. I incorporated my 4″ and 6″ original art tiles into wooden boxes; open, hinged, keyed or with a removable jewelry tray.

JCC tile boxes

What Now?

I’m eager to share what I’ve learned in my next DVD to be released April 2013:

Dreamscaping With Pinata On Ceramic Tiles With June Rollins™

Never Stop Dreaming 🙂

6 thoughts on “30 In 30 Observations & Outcomes

  1. June-It’s been such a pleasure seeing the fruits of your labor this month. Your work seemed to be somewhat bolder using the pinata inks and working on the tiles. Perhaps it’s just the new, brighter colors, or perhaps it is the continous working that tends to loosen one up? (Not that you were ever tight-how can you be when Dreamscaping?) I am now spoiled, and will really miss seeing a new “Rollins” each day!!

    P.S. Those boxes are beautiful-great showcase for the tiles!

  2. Thank you, Patricia! I love that you see more boldness in my work! A friend years ago used to encourage me to, “Be bold, June, Be bold!”

    Working with Pinata and working on ceramic tiles both offer new and different results. The way the inks look on the tiles is amazing!

    So appreciate your kind words,

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