Please, Lower Your Voice

It’s happened twice in the last few days….


Just a reminder for us all,

Using all caps is like shouting at someone…Read More

So what’s that got to do with art?

Shouting and being shouted at

Shuts Down Creativity.

Please, Let’s Use Our Inside Voices.

4 thoughts on “Please, Lower Your Voice

  1. Thanks for this June. I’m recently divorced from a husband who yelled and screamed most of the time. The other times, he wouldn’t talk at all. Even though he had built me a great art studio in the third bay of our garage, i found that i just couldn’t create at all while i was married to him. I finally divorced him and I am adjusting to the financial problems of being single again, as well as going through the grief process associated with the death of my marriage. Abusive people and situations are definitely not conducive to the creative process, are they. Seeing this on your blog today kind of crystalized these ideas for me. I’ve kind of been beating myself up for not doing more with my art, and I think all of this stress, sadness, and worry have gotten in my way. Lynn Dettling


  2. Dear Lynn, thank you for your courageous comment. I trust many of us can relate to one degree or another. I have no doubt that what you have shared has touched and helped someone else. Authenticity does that. I would encourage you to be kind to yourself during this healing process and I believe you know how creative expression can be a vehicle towards wholeness. You’re on your way. Namaste. Blessings.

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