FREE Orange & Blue Art Demo Video On DPW

Understanding and using color relationships to their best advantage can make your paintings more harmonious and more dynamic.

I’m honored to have created my first FREE art demo video for Daily Paintworks titled:

Orange & Blue – I Love You

If you are not already a member of DPW, you will be asked to register. It’s painless….and there are many more art tutorials besides mine, in a variety of mediums, many of them free….enjoy.

My 13 minute FREE art video not only introduces working with color complements. Also explained are supplies needed for alcohol ink Dreamscaping and a few basics to get you started.

A perfect day to say, I’m thankful for you following my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “FREE Orange & Blue Art Demo Video On DPW

  1. June-This year I am so Thankful that somehow our energies crossed, and I have been so enriched, and inspired by you. I hope that I am able to “pay it forward” and keep the creative spirit growing with others…HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!

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