Alcohol Ink Art – Collection By 16 Artists

Over 100 AIA Members!

We’re celebrating!

With  this slideshow collective

Of diverse artistic styles from 16 artists

Using alcohol inks on Yupo, ceramic tiles and metal.

All artists are members of Alcohol Ink Art Facebook Group.


17 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink Art – Collection By 16 Artists

  1. Thank you for including two of my paintings June! The tears started flowing when I saw them. I am so proud of everyone’s work and thank you for all your hard work!! j
    Charlotte Safewright

  2. How generous are these artists to share their diverse and lovely works. Even though I do not work in the medium (yet – waiting for the JR DVD,) I am so moved and inspired by these images and the works and comments shared on the AIA FB group page. Thank you, June. Thank you, all.

  3. … my breath has been (literally) taken away… don’t know if i’ll ever recover it… :)… yes, charlotte, me too… tears… even though i don’t really “do” any of this alcohol ink art, it touches me way down deep inside… thanks to all of you!
    Nona Goodman

  4. I thanked you earlier on another site but want to extend my gratitude for including my work also in your lovely composed video. What a joy to be involved in your undertakings!

  5. hi June
    I send the video to some friends of mine and seeing that I did not thank you on this site I wil do this now and my gratitude again for including some of my work .
    I just love our Alcohol ink Face book club that you started .
    Betsy thomson

  6. I will be joining the AIA group as I am just starting in that medium and have a lot to learn, I have used Yupo with watercolors and acrylics and love the way the paints glide over the surface. Looking forward to this new adventure.

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