Experimenting With Snowcap

It’s turned cold with snow flurries in the Southwestern

tip of North Carolina which makes me wonder

what my first winter here will be like…

Dreamscape No. 257, Alcohol Inks, 4×6, Yupo
Dreamscaping With June Rollins™

Experimenting with Snowcap, a mixative designed to be used with alcohol inks.

It’s opaque, white, shiny and gives the slightest, sculpted effect. I like it!

Interested in trying Snowcap? I think it’s hard to find in stores, but can be ordered: Snowcap

Also thinking of those in the path of more adverse weather.

Be Safe.

6 thoughts on “Experimenting With Snowcap

  1. Oh wowza!!! This is so beautiful!!! I have some snowcap but don’t know how to use it. I was looking for tips on youtube yesterday but didn’t find the info. I needed. You will have to tell us more about your experiences with snowcap.

  2. Thanks, Charlotte! Yes, Snowcap is quite different. Continuing to experiment and making discoveries. Will share in future posts and/or DVD. Encourage you to experiment too 🙂

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