Especially For The Beginner

The more I teach, the more I simplify the instruction. I’ve found what I may do second nature, needs to be broken down, explained, shown and demonstrated, for the light to come on in the beginner’s eyes.

Believe me, I can relate from a “She lost me right after she said, “Hello.” point of view in my recent Zumba classes! A good dose of “beginner reality” for me to carry into art instruction which is why during the editing process, I have revised Level 1 Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping with June Rollins™ DVD to be especially for the beginner.

Hope you enjoy this preview of what’s to come. Let’s Keep Dreaming 🙂


2 thoughts on “Especially For The Beginner

  1. Hi Audie, Thanks for your interest. I’m working out the details now. Also offering optional Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Kits to make it easier for beginners. If everything runs smoothly, hope to have posted on my website by the end of Oct. I will post here too. Thanks!

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