My Husband Is A Visionary

He Has Inspired Me To Paint

As Many Autumn Dreamscapes

As I Can The Next Few Weeks.

I Did These Three Today!

This will be our first Autumn in the Southwestern tip on NC. We feel encircled and cradled by the mountains, looming large around us.

The other day as we were in the car together, driving through town, I said, “It’s beginning to happen.”

“What,” he said, with hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

“The mountains, they’re beginning to change. In a few weeks they’ll be all colors.”

There was a brief pause as we took it all in.

“And after that,” he said, “They’ll be all brown sticks.”

The vivd colors in my mind began to mix and neutralize….

“And then, they’ll be covered in a blanket of white,” he said, as he continued driving us forward….


It’s an ever-changing, impermanence, we paint….

2 thoughts on “My Husband Is A Visionary

  1. June, these are fabulous! Your warm skies have me thinking of cinnamon and warm caramel… such a joy to find your work… YOU in my mail. Look forward to seeing your changing season…..

    God Bless!

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