Define Studio Space

Wherever You Are


In The Creative Moment….


including up against the far side wall of the living room…

with your over-zumbaed, hurt knee, propped on a chair  with an ice pak around it…

and the only thing you’re aware of is this multi-hued gateway into another world 🙂

Define Studio Space: Bliss


13 thoughts on “Define Studio Space

  1. 🙂 …. so glad my dorky humor made you smile June! I have been sitting here showing my Aunt your artwork, and she is amazed! I showed her your moonscapes, and your watercolors… your incredible flowers! I am going to show her some of your demo’s too!
    Get better soon! 🙂

  2. A friend with your knee problem told me that her orthopedist praised Zumba classes for providing him the funds to pay his son’s college tuition !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You give me inspiration June. If you can paint with a bum knee, I should be able to paint with a fractured pelvis… I just sit all day, why not paint???!!!

  4. Thank you June, I am way past the pain, just waiting for the bones to knit. Just a tiny bit of discomfort now. I guess I’ve gotten too complacent to pick up my pastel or colored pencils, which would be easy to use while resting. I really should get back into the swing of things! Thanks for the encouragement!

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