Working Out Of The Moment

it’s raining in the mountains today…

and I’m feeling…

oh, i don’t know…

something like this…

Painted these just now. They’re still wet.

First, made sunshine (top)

i liked it,

but the art wanted more.

there’s a depth and connection..i can’t begin to describe

when working slow and searching like this.

but, if you’ve been there,

you know.

8 thoughts on “Working Out Of The Moment

  1. June, these are stunning! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! I have not joined your FB group yet, i am hoping soon I will be able to start learning, and playing in this medium.
    Enjoy the rain, we would so welcome it here in Southern California! Well, I would at least! These compositions are perfect! I love just the hint of brightness. Did you use a metallic for the moon?

  2. Hi Sheila in Southern CA, Thanks!

    Yes, I use Adirondack Alcohol Ink Mixatives for suns and moons.They are metallic.

    I’ve been thrilled with the diversity in the new FB Group, learning a lot from everyone. Hope to see you there soon!

  3. June, these are beautiful! The top one looks a bit like stained glass and that metallic moon is awesome-we had some good rain today, too (N. Georgia), now it’s cool and crisp-Fall is here.

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