Rolling Along Now…

Because of the response I have gotten from fellow artists, subscribers, face-to-face friends and Facebook friends regarding yesterdays’ post…I wanted to show you some of what I did yesterday and today:

Writing yesterday’s post was a risk. I have a tendency to hold things in and endure, which is what I had been doing.

But by expressing my true feelings, I felt something shift. And then when I began receiving encouraging e-mails, phone calls and comments on this blog, I felt affirmed for being real. Thank You!

Yesterday and today, I’ve been dreamscaping. And based on the energy infusion I’m experiencing, I might as well say, I’ve been breathing. Because when I am not experiencing the creative process, I am suffocating.

What Have I Learned?

How easy it is to think there is no time for art, for creativity.

How easy it is to put art last on the list.

But if we don’t claim and carve out the hour or two or three for art, yet another day will go by, and another and another…

And the artist we might have been…

Will never be.

Choose Art!

13 thoughts on “Rolling Along Now…

  1. I need to take this advice – moving and so many other things have crowded out my art making! I am going to carve out time and not let anything stop me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wish every artist could have the opportunity to read what you have written. It certainly brings things home to me . When you suddenly find yourself as one instead of a unit of two but still have the house and financial and landscape responsibilities of two, it is so easy to allow other things to always be most important. Thank you for reminding me! Best to you always, Jennie

  3. June! These are fabulous! The top, midnight sky with the moon reflecting on the bright turquoise river. The lake. The hills….. jewels!

    So glad you shared with us. So glad I found your blog and art. How many of us do that, hold things in. Not even telling our closest friends. Not only are you talented – but gutsy as well!

    Looking forward to more June in my mailbox!

    God Bless!


  4. Wow! Thanks for commenting everyone! We’re all in this together. If we’ve been given the desire to paint, create…we must.

    Audie – I am currently getting quotes on the cost of creating Level 1 Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping with June Rollins™ video/DVD. I naively thought I could do it myself 😀 My plan is to have it available by Christmas. Thanks for asking!

  5. June, what a beautiful post – your dreamscapes and your words. The words certainly apply to me, too. I let too many things get in the way of creating art. I already have the idea for my next painting, and WILL put brush to paper this weekend! Thanks for the encouraging post. Keep making your art and sharing your posts/thoughts with all of us! Judy

  6. June,

    Glad things have perked up for you. I think of you often. Mary Ann and I took a watercolor workshop last week and especially thought of you. Not much new, but inspiring and fun. Best of wishes .

    Sarah Price

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