What Now?

Almost One Month Since My Last Post…

 Having an art blog is wonderful when fully motivated and in the flow of one project after the other. There is so much to share….

 But what do you write about when you feel like you’re going through a major overhaul? When your wheels have been removed and you are up on a lift hoping to be fixed and back on the road again soon?

 One of my favorite movies is The Brave Little Toaster. In particular, the scene of the cars on junkyard conveyor belts singing their hearts out, reliving their past accomplishments before being turned into scrap metal.

Watch and listen to The Brave Little Toaster, Worthless lyrics:

Brave Little Toaster Worthless

The recent relocation has made this surface.

Amazed at how defined I was by my teaching schedule.

I am writing this in a spirit of authenticity.

It would have been much easier to post another project…

Not a bad place to be, really.

Here comes the mechanic now…

Still Enjoying The Journey.

6 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. June, those bloggers who write “consistent” posts, not really acknowledging their personal journeys, may win some media stats, but they lose my interest. When I read an artist’s blog, I don’t want to feel depressed, but I do want to feel connected. Your “spirit of authenticity” is why I subscribe to your blog. I appreciate that you can identify a bump in the road, acknowledge it’s disrupted your regular flow, and look forward to getting around it. Your work shines with energy and hope and so does your blog. Real, genuine, thoughtful, beautiful art – thanks!

  2. June- Your not going to lose anyone with this blog. Even though your situation is particular to you, everyone can relate. This will one day be behind you, and believe it or not, there will be growth from coming through this. You’ve acknowledged it, and you also realize that it is not where you want to stay. Try baby steps. Everyday open yourself to something positive-look through an art book, a walk in a beautiful place, taking time to notice the smallest things of beauty. As you progress, contact some of the local art groups-believe me, you will soon enough have teaching requests. You have so much to offer that is uniquely YOU. Just paint, paint paint. Don’t even think about outcome, just let the colors speak, sing, giggle…

    Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, and not just because I love, love, love and miss your work, but because you have poured forth so much, and now are ready for some refilling. I’m sorry for being so personal in a public forum, but have no other way to communicate with you. Wish I had a magic wand….Patty

  3. I was just speaking of this very thing with an other artist. Must be something in the air. 😉
    Worthless…. Oh yes, that word has often found it’s way into my vocabulary. I don’t know why it is, so often.. how do they say. Darkest before the dawn.

    http://smartcreativewomen.com/page/2/ If you have not seen this, watch this interview… it will inspire you.

    It did me.

    It may feel like your light is on a dimmer switch right now… but YOU ARE BLESSED JUNE! You have blessed us all with your vision and talent and sunny smile! Your light will shine bright again soon!

    Have you gotten you hands dirty today? Played in the soil… or the studio?

    Sending prayers and warm wishes to you June!

    Sheila Marie

  4. Thank you for your encouragement, Sheila! Maybe we have all been there to one degree or another….but not to stay there is the key!

    I have gotten my hands dirty today, dreamscaping with inks 🙂 will share in new post…then will visit the above link you’ve shared.

    Many thanks!

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