Murphy River Walk Moments – A New Series

Since arriving in Murphy, July 12, I’ve become captivated by the Murphy River Walk to the point of creating a new series, Murphy River Walk Moments. Not sure where this will go. Currently, exploring with my camera…following where the river leads.

I’m especially loving studying the habits and personalities of the Canadian Geese. This image, one of my favorites so far, was taken shortly after one of our recent, heavy rains.

“Rain Dance”
Murphy River Walk Moments
Dreamscaping with June Rollins™

Let’s Keep Dreaming…


7 thoughts on “Murphy River Walk Moments – A New Series

  1. Really like the photo you made. Do you spend a lot of time looking for that perfect photo like the one above? Thiat is really perfect.

  2. Thank you, Faith. No, I don’t spend time looking for the perfect photo. I so enjoy being in nature with my camera. Seems more like being in a restful, aware place of “receiving.”

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