Murphy River Walk Morning

Thanks to all our friends here and there who are thinking of us and wishing us well in our new home, Murphy, NC. We appreciate the cards, e-mails and FB messages. One couple, all the way from Wadesboro, even stopped by yesterday for a surprise visit. It was great to see you, Lucy and Whit!

Rob and I have been walking the Murphy River Walk in the evenings, but this morning, after mustering my courage, I ventured back out with my camera. I had to muster my courage because earlier this morning, little Clyde, my 10 lb., 14 yr old, silver poodle, and me had quite a scare when we were escorted back to our driveway by the neighborhood bully, an unleashed, growling dog. Now I know, not to walk to the end of Hilton Street.

The bullying, soon forgotten, when I came upon this…

I’m amazed this is only a short walk from where we live.

I was told this gentleman feeds the ducks almost every day.

I followed him, caught up and we chatted a bit.

He told me when people ask him what he does, he tells them,

I watch the grass grow,

And the river flow.

I think I’m going to be doing the same.

Make that, avoiding bullies and doing the same…

with paint brush and camera in hand 🙂


Let’s Keep Dreaming 🙂

6 thoughts on “Murphy River Walk Morning

  1. The River Walk is something new…when I went to JCC School, there was a gorgeous two-story brick house on the way into Murphy…they are rare, say “Hi” when you see it. Kayaking is next! Knew you would love it in the mts. Good to hear from you, Barbara & John

  2. Hi June, I am so glad you have found new paths and rivers to follow, camera in hand. I’m looking forward to seeing paintings of your new environs. Thank you for sharing your walks with us.

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