My No. 1 Obstacle To Becoming An Artist

I am honored this week to be


Daily Paintworks Featured Artist.


After answering Jen’s interview questions, I was reminded of what I have battled all along on my artistic journey.

To read the interview, click: Artist’s Spotlight

Dreamscape No. 153 4×4

Let’s Keep Dreaming : )


4 thoughts on “My No. 1 Obstacle To Becoming An Artist

  1. Hello June 🙂
    I read your interview, and I was surprised. I aspire to paint like you do, your work is gorgeous… and you make it look so easy. I too, let fear stop me… I remember being yelled at as a kid by my mother, (Jr. High school) for wasting paper, and time. I was doing those “inkblot” paintings. Paint on one side and fold the paper in half… see what happens. I was having so much fun, and some of them came out so nice. But I do remember putting everything away, and hiding it under the bed.

    I have always been creating. And it has always been quickly dismissed by family members. I might get a “Oh that’s nice.” but then the conversation is quickly changed to something more important.

    I have finally realized… that art is what I need to be doing. It makes me happy, and I am devouring everything available on the internet on techniques, and mediums. Trying to make up for the 20+ years I stayed away. I can’t afford to take classes right now, but I have a long list of artists I hope to study with one day.

    Thank you so much June, for being so open and honest about your fears. :o)
    I sometimes feel like I have wasted so much time… not pursuing art, and perfecting my technique. I have so much to learn… but there is a lot of joy in the learning!

    I was forced by Lupus, to slow down and… reevaluate. And I am so proud of the fact that I have, well I have taught myself so many new skills. And even though, if you look at one way, I have had a lot of failures. Repeated failures. I keep trying, and each time, I learn something new.

    I still draw like a 2nd grader, and I still need to learn “how to see”, I need to work on perspective, and depth. But I am improving. I love learning!

    Thanks June for sharing your journey with us. Gives me the courage to continue mine!

    God made me an artist, (writer, designer). I am not going to let anyone steer me away from it again.

    Thank you June 🙂
    Hope the move went/is going well!

  2. Dear Sheila,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am so happy for you to be living into your gifts! I admire your perseverance and love the enthusiasm and resolve in your words.

    Continued Joy 🙂

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