Dreamscape Selected for 2012 WNCC Annual Conference Cover

In May, I was taking an afternoon coffee break and checking out FB when I heard the tone that tells me I have an instant message….Long story short, Dr. Anne Conover, Minister of Education and the Arts, asked me if I would like to submit art for this year’s WNCC Annual Conference Cover.

She was familiar with my alcohol ink Dreamscapes and thought the style would fit this year’s theme, Lessons From The Lakeshore.

I was thrilled when one of my submissions was accepted for the cover. It is now posted at: WNCC Conference – The United Methodist Church Website.

For this preacher’s wife, who doesn’t sing well and can’t play the piano,

a nice affirmation 🙂

Note Cards (without the cover text) available at: June’s Art Cards

Best coffee break I’ve ever had.

3 thoughts on “Dreamscape Selected for 2012 WNCC Annual Conference Cover

  1. Great story! Congratulations! I absolutely love it! High five to the Preacher’s wife! ( My good friend is a PK, and I help her out with admin. stuff for the church when she needs me)

    God Bless!

  2. This is a PERFECT match, June! The cover looks wonderful. …..and yes, I agree about the affirmation…….God gives us all Gifts!

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