Crowded Day?

Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning

Can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day –

Like writing a poem or saying a prayer.

-Anne Morrow Lindberg

Surrounded by packing boxes in all different states of neediness, I walked out on them this morning. There is more beauty happening outside than I can keep up with. Not that my flower gardens are beautiful this year. They aren’t really. Because of the upcoming move, I didn’t go to any nurseries this spring, I’m behind in weed pulling and there has been no filling in with colorful annuals. But still, it is a thing of beauty to me and I felt like it was passing me by. I had to stop and lose myself in just a bit of it. That’s all it took. Restorative healing is so potent in the garden.

So, I brought some of it inside.

What do you find restorative in a crowded day?

4 thoughts on “Crowded Day?

  1. and in your bringing it inside and sharing it here, you’ve brought some of it to me — and I appreciate the beauty of it all!

    Lovely post June. Thank you.

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