Summer Bouquet Documentation

I’m documenting the flowers from my garden. 

2012 Summer Bouquet

Why? Because we’re moving July 2 to Murphy, NC. That means I’ll be leaving this flower garden I’ve worked on for the past 3.5 years. While I’ve divided and dug up a few things to take with me, I can’t take them all. Photos and probable references for future paintings will have to do.

With 2012 Summer Bouquet I can see the yarrow and bachelor’s buttons I grew from seed, the day lilies that were a gift from Peg, the coral agastache with lavender stamen I was delighted to find while nursery hopping with my friend, June W. and the blue hydrangea Alan delivered two years ago from Michael Horne’s Florist when my husband was out of town on my birthday. Big Rob didn’t forget…

“Baby, I have my moments,”  he said when he phoned that night.

“Honey, you are a moment!”

Anyone who knows him, knows it’s true.

So, while it’s a little sad to be leaving my flowers,

I’m glad to be going with the one who broke the clay, moved the rocks, amended the soil, tilled the ground, dug the holes and planted the shrubs.

I’m glad to be going with Rob.


Yep, I’ll need to paint this one.

As soon as I’ve finished packing… and unpacking…

Until then, I will remember.

15 thoughts on “Summer Bouquet Documentation

  1. Such a nice post today, June,

    And beautiful colors in that bouquet! I look forward to seeing this as a painting some day,


  2. I too anticipate the beauty of your painting — and…. anytime you want to send some gardening tips my way…. please do! Your garden inspired my gardening!

  3. Beautiful, June! What a picture that represents you and Rob…wonderfully inspiring people who will be so very missed in Wadesboro.Thank you both for sharing so much with us in this community and may your new garden in Murphy grow bountifully!

  4. Oh June! God has blessed you so richly with this upcoming move! I am so happy and excited for you! I am thinking about the beautiful countryside and environment, the Folk School and all the amazing opportunities therein and all the new inspirations to paint and open further your creativity and life!

    All best wishes to you and Rob!

  5. Hi June – yes, be a documenter! My paintbrush doesn’t do what yours does but I became “a documenter of beauty” when I bought my camera two years ago. You are so gifted with painting – I’m sure you will be documenting before you leave and again once you settle in to your new home. Blessings!

  6. Your demos mean a lot to me, too, June, I’m so glad I found them when looking for step-by-step watercolors. I am about to teach adult watercolor classes and workshops, and well, watching you helped my confidence to teach. Thank you for your generosity!

  7. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks so much for commenting here! I have been so focused on helping students, I had not considered my posts as helpful to teachers too. I will be more intentional about sharing what I learn from a teacher’s perspective. Thanks so much for helping improve this blog’s content. Oh, and you’ll do great!!!

  8. Just found you a couple of days ago & had to comment. I love your flower paintings & so wish that I could do similar work! Hope this is a good move for you. I’ve created and moved away from too many flower gardens myself and I know how sad that is. Wishing you lots of lovely blooms in your next one!

  9. Hi Jane, Thank you for commenting and offering understanding. Appreciate the the well wishes for the move and future blooms. Glad you enjoy the painting demos!

  10. Hi June, I love the bouquet and am inspired by your painting. And I really enjoyed reading the blog about it. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Murphy, but would love to visit you there sometime in the future. I know how difficult it is to leave a treasured garden because I have done it a couple of times, but take what you can and start again. You will find there are things you can grow in the mountains that will not grow in this piedmont heat. Looking forward to our “last” class on Saturday.


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