Increase Your Odds Of Painting Every Day

Which Motivates You More?




Or This?


Around 5pm today I pushed myself. I had left at 6:15 am, had been gone all day and had not had a chance to paint. When I got home at 4 pm it was easy enough to pick a day lily from my yard, put it in a vase, pull out a fresh sheet of watercolor paper (already pre-cut to 10×14). I was going to stop there….but instead, I pushed myself  because I knew, waking up tomorrow morning to a sketched-in-next-painting would be much more motivating than waking up to a blank painting surface.

How about you? What do you do to increase your odds of painting,

maybe not every day…but any day?


6 thoughts on “Increase Your Odds Of Painting Every Day

  1. Dear June, between the lovely light of day, fruit and flowers of the season I would now like longer days and 4 hands!
    I try to draw and photograph and start more than one work at a time, to have a new way to create, but also end up relaxing and without thinking of the continuous change of fruits and flowers!

  2. Hi Rita,

    Thanks you for commenting here. I can tell you are inspired by the ever-changing beauty of this season. And like me, so much is coming into season at the same time, we can’t keep up 🙂
    Yes, a great practice to have more than one project going in different stages at the same time. Joyful painting to you as you soak in the glorious light surrounding so many seasonal fruits and flowers.

  3. I love the subject June, and hope to get some creative ideas. Personally for me, I draw out 5 pictures at a time, and also draw out a few 5 x 5’s pr 6 x 6’s. It is the drawing that slows me down, and I am more apt to pick up a brush and paint, if my image is drawn! Happy painting to everyone!

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