Bridal Bouquet Watercolor Completed!

This Has Been A Joy To Paint…

Bridal Bouquet
Watercolor Commission

For A Number Of Reasons…


1. Great reference photo – Thank you, Ashlee!

2. I love peonies – Childhood connection via my grandmother

3. Loved the combination of the stripes and floral shapes –

Kudos to the floral designer

4. Loved the contrast of colors and values –

Kudos to the floral designer

5. Loved the mystery of the rhinestone brooch –

Love the symbolized love 🙂

6. And most of all, love who commissioned me to do this –

Fond memories always, Marilee.

Okay, now I’m crying, so I gotta go….

9 thoughts on “Bridal Bouquet Watercolor Completed!

  1. Thank you for sharing the process and for your thoughts about the subject matter, June. It is a lovely work.

  2. June, this painting surpasses the fact that it is a painting. You have captured a memory by your soft, lost edges on the outside edges and the inner edges of the peonies. There is a definite feeling of nostalgia. Whew! What a keeper!! You should have giclees made of this one!!!

  3. It’s really a beautiful, delicate piece. Thanks for sharing the entire process here. I’ve always learned a lot reading your progress posts. You are a great teacher, June! How long have you been teaching watercolor?

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