Guest Artist – Stacy Wills

Stacy Wills

A new feature on my blog will be Guest Artists. People, processes and art that have had an impact on me that I want to share with my readers. Here’s the first Guest Artist Post. Enjoy!

 I met Stacy earlier this year during an online Lenten retreat with Christine Valters PaintnerI loved her artwork and her process.

She creates mandalas in two different ways – by hand, mostly using a combination of watercolors, acrylics, gel pens, dimensional paint and swarovski crystals, and digitally, utilizing source images such as photographs taken, existing hand-drawn artwork, or  images which are made from National Geographic pages that have been treated with a cleaning product called citra solv. 

Her digital explorations began when she enrolled in Eyes of the Heart:  Photography as a Contemplative Practice.  She wanted to find a way to incorporate the nature images she was receiving into a mandala format and began using Kaleidoscope Kreator

Abandoned Paper Wasp Nest
Stacy Wills©

Natural Stained Glass by Stacy Wills©
Digital Mandala created from abandoned paper wasp nest photo

Learn more about Stacy’s journey here.

See more of Stacy’s inspiring artwork at a magic mom and her mandalas

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