Excited About My Newest Commission!

And honored at the privilege


of creating this treasured keepsake!


Reference Photo For
Bridal Bouquet Commission

The flowers may not last, but a bridal bouquet portrait

will help keep cherished wedding day memories alive.

As I begin this commission, I am thrilled the peonies, one of my favorite flowers,

are blooming in my yard. I’m bringing in a few

for fragrance and additional inspiration while I paint.

Look for images of this painting in process in future posts.

Flowers are heaven’s masterpieces.

                                                                                                                                                               -Dorothy Parker

5 thoughts on “Excited About My Newest Commission!

  1. I too am excited! This is a very precious and unusual opportunity — capturing the essence of this beautiful bridal bouquet… Blessings on you as you use your God-given talents to do this exciting assignment.

  2. Peonies – lovely for the eyes and the nose. I am looking forward to seeing your process photos as you work on capturing this fleeting moment of a last-a-lifetime beauty.

  3. What a great idea for a painting. If I ever get married again I’ll commission you to do one for me! Seriously, it is going to be a really great painting.

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