Pigment Planning Breakthrough

Teachers love it when the students get it.

This past weekend, my Second Saturday Painters got it!

They got the importance of Pigment Planning before beginning the painting.

This is the example that did it:

Reference Photo For Iris No. 17

Pigment Planning Chart
For Iris No. 17

Most of the watercolor demos on this blog

show the pigment planning chart I do before beginning the painting.

Here are the links:

I think what really drilled it home this time was when I showed them the pigment chart I used for Iris No. 16 and said,

“I’m using the same pigments for Iris No.’s 16 and 17.”

“I’m just mixing them in different degrees.”

Pigment Planning
For Iris No. 16

Reference Photo
Iris No. 16

Iris No. 16

Mouths dropped open and eyes widened.

Everyone, eagerly went back to their seats with an earnest, new found passion

for the importance of color mixing and knowing their pigments.

As for myself, with the pigment planning complete for Iris No. 17,

I feel ready to begin too.

Happy Painting To All Today!

4 thoughts on “Pigment Planning Breakthrough

  1. I was there and can tell you it WAS a breakthrough moment. You cannot just sit down, mix colors and try them on your painting. You must plan it methodically if you are to have a positive outcome. They say when painting your home, preparation is 90% of the job. Perhaps not that high for water color, but you get the idea. It was a defining moment, and for me, eased some of the angst of how and where do I begin? Thanks June. We are so appreciative of the time and effort that you expend on us.

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