To Become A Better Artist….

Fall In Love With Something.

Not new for followers of this blog to know my painting passion the last couple of years has been the bearded iris I’ve grown.

They are currently in the midst of their spring show. Here is how they looked around 7:45 this morning as I was heading to 8am yoga class.

The light wouldn’t be the same when I got back 90 minutes later.

And who knows, I might not see them this way again….

I never made it to yoga, but I did experience zen, nirvana, peace…

whatever you want to call it, with the iris this morning.

See for yourself what brings you contentment, clarity, peace.

That is the path for you to follow.


6 thoughts on “To Become A Better Artist….

  1. Love this June — and the fact your yoga was Iris driven — I have a story I wrote for my daughters which includes an Iris… my mother’s name 🙂


  2. Hello June,
    These are absolutely gorgeous! Wow!
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my ‘studio coatrack’ painting over at DPW facebook page.
    Have a wonderful creative week.

  3. so love your blog and the color of youy morning iris is very inspirational thankyou for taking the time to share Shirley B

  4. Thank you, Shirley. Just walked in from taking more iris morning photos. It’s their season! Having to recharge camera battery before posting. Appreciate your feedback 🙂

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