One Simple Step To Attracting Monarchs

Plant Butterfly-Weed

Asciepias Tuberosa, Butterfly-Weed,
Native to NC, Monarch Host Plant

That’s it!

Witness, hungry-hungry caterpillars, munching away…

The chrysalis transformation stage…

Pre-first flight quality time. Awesome.

And share the experience 🙂


Guess who’s inspired to paint butterflies now? 

10 thoughts on “One Simple Step To Attracting Monarchs

  1. Up here in New York’s Catskills, we call that plant “milkweed” and is September when we experience the life cycle events. The perfect time for school children to watch and study!

  2. Hi Barbara, Thanks for commenting from NY Catskills! Yes, it is the same, milkweed. We witness spring and fall migration. My butterfly weed is coming up now. Can’t wait for the show. And, yes, I agree, perfect for school children!

  3. June, your pictures are awesome. You’ve captured the sequence beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi June
    I thought I would check out your blog and was delighted to see a monarch butterfly there to greet me. I’d love to see any butterfly paintings you do. I’m hoping to plant a butterfly garden this year (we’ll see if I really do) but I did harvest some milk weed seed last fall! Thanks for all of your inspiration to try watercolors again, amateur that I am.

  5. Hi Mary! Thanks for the visit and commenting! Yes, put those milkweed seeds in the ground in a protected, sunny spot. I’ve learned if the tops are pinched when butterfly-weed is about 2′ high, they are bushier. Not as tall and spindly. Makes sense.

    And yes, with your creativity and sensitivity I’ve already seen, I believe you and watercolors would be a good fit!

  6. Hi June,
    I loved your article on the Monarch Butterfly. They are truly beautiful creatures.


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