My Lenten Journey 2012

This year’s Lenten Journey has been especially meaningful

traveling with Christine Valtners Paintner and fellow pilgrims.

I had previously read and benefitted from Christine’s book, the Artist’s Rule and her invitation to combine visual and expressive arts during an on-line Lenten Soul Of A Pilgrim Journey called to me.

Soul Of A Pilgrim
Art Journal Cover

We were encouraged to make an art journal and begin a daily practice of art-making and journaling.

We set a prayer intention.

We were asked to create within a sacred circle or mandala and then record awarenesses into our journals.This is more about what is revealed from the process than working towards a pre-determined end result.

Here are a few of mine:

Being Poured Out Into The Night Sky

Grieving Loss
One-winged angels can't fly.

Map of My Heart
Psalm 51:10

Border Crossing
I thought this was about the sun rising in the east
until the profile heading west appeared on its own.

And now, on this Good Friday,

We wait.

Knowing, and not knowing,

We wait.

3 thoughts on “My Lenten Journey 2012

  1. Many thanks and gratitude June for sharing this. I just returned from Good Friday services, and as I approach Holy Saturday, that word was drumming in my heart………..”now we wait……waiting……wait in silence…….wait………..wait……..wait……..

    The mandalas are very powerful and the art moves me deeply.

    I Am very indebted to you for the WEBSITE — it calls to me too.

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