Iris No. 16 Continued – Watercolor Demo

I began Iris No. 16 for Matthews Artists Guild on Mar. 13,

and am now back in my home studio to continue.

Always, the set-up. Before I begin to paint,

I have everything I think I might need nearby.

Working wet-into-wet in sections, I’ve added a variegated wash and am now using thicker paint for the iris beard.

While still damp, I lift with a thirsty flat brush to create dimension.

More lifting.

Further along, but getting tired…have learned not to push myself.

It only takes an uncertain stroke or two

for a watercolor painting to go downhill fast…

It’s Time To Step Away From The Painting!

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Iris No. 16 Continued – Watercolor Demo

  1. I guess we never totally reach where we “wannabe” — which is GOOD, really! That way, we keep reaching for higher grounds — whether in our art — or anything else that we do…

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