Photos – MAG Watercolor Demo

Here are some photos of my watercolor iris demonstration

at the Matthews Artists Guild, Tue. Mar. 13th.

A big thank you to Cynthia Powers, the photographer

who graciously shared her images with me to share with you.

Explaining what I look for in my reference photos.

Describing initial, yellow-gold light wash.

Getting ready to paint live and hoping I can pull this off 🙂

Adding anchoring values.


Mingling with MAG. Thank you to President, Debbie Yacenda and program co-ordinator, Nancy Kennedy for their warm hospitality.

And what fun to meet one of my blog subscribers, Annette Conrad!

“Hi, I’m Annette Conrad.”

“I know that name.”

“I follow your blog .”

(I had a visual of  Annette’s name from comments she had made).

It was a great evening with dedicated, accomplished artists

and meeting one of my subscribers was icing on the cake!

4 thoughts on “Photos – MAG Watercolor Demo

  1. Thanks, Diana. This particular iris may even be in bloom when we have our class on April 14. If so, I will bring. Saw the first budding stalks today 🙂

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