Missing Iris

I am really homesick for my Iris today.

I’ve been going though about 500 photos of her and her friends, deciding on who to use as my watercolor demonstration next Tue. night, Mar. 13, for Matthews Artists Guild. This photo was taken last April. A dozen rhizomes ordered from White Flower Farm planted in about a 4×7 foot area has given me more than enough references for my All About Iris Series.

Here is the one I’ve chosen for the demo. Or, maybe she chose me.

She’s an older, wiser iris taken from my mother’s flower garden and today she is beckoning to me the most.

So, Iris No. 16, she will become.

Painting her will be a soothing balm. I may not be able to wait…

MAG may only see the finishing details šŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “Missing Iris

  1. I am absolutely enchanted by all of these beautiful irises…. I hope you never get over this “spell” and just KEEP ON PAINTING them…. That one that comes next will be GORGEOUS…. the pale yellowish, tinged w/ mauve, plus some pale green…. GRANDIOSE, that’s a good word for it! And yes, I think IT CHOSE YOUā€¦

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