Level 2 – Dreamscaping Demo With Alcohol Inks

Here is a Demo of Dreamscape No. 104, 9×15


Dreamscape No. 104 In Process, 9x15, Alcohol Ink, By June Rollins©




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6 thoughts on “Level 2 – Dreamscaping Demo With Alcohol Inks

  1. June, this is a beautiful picture and demo. One thing–since I am new at this—is the paper wet first before the alcohol ink is applied? And when you let the sky dry—did you wet the paper again for the landscape area once if you did put water on the paper? Thanks for your reply on this.

    Admiring your talent,

  2. Hi Annette,

    Thanks for commenting. No water is used in the demo. I used alcohol inks and 90% rubbing alcohol on Yupo. The alcohol lightens and reconstitutes the inks. If you have purchased the supplies I would recommend you experiment on small pieces of Yupo to get the feel of this fun and forgiving medium. Have to warn you though, It’s addicting 🙂

  3. June, Joined your site…love it! Also ordered inks (Bombay) but they don’t have the tiny nozzle as you show in the demo. I also ordered all 3 of your dvd’s and wonder where can these ink bottle tops be found? Thanks, Connie

  4. Hi Connie,

    Thanks for commenting here. Happy to hear you have joined AIA and ordered the DVDs. The inks I use in the DVDs are Adirondack and Piñata which come with the nozzle tops. I’m not familiar with the brand, Bombay? With the DVDs is a supplies list. An option would be to buy the Hypo-490s and fill them with ink. Or buy several eye-droppers. Hope that helps.

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