Beginner Tip #4: The Proof Is In The Paper

The next time you’re tempted to pick-up


an inexpensive pack of watercolor paper…


How much difference can there be, really?


Picture this:


Last Saturday a beginner student was painting along beside me as I demonstrated the sky washes shown in the last post.

I was using Arches 140lb CP purchased from an art supplies store.

She was using Brand X watercolor paper purchased from a chain department store.

Can you guess which is which?


Maybe a side view will help you decide….


I tried painting on Brand X too.



It was slimy…like pre-pasted wallpaper.


Learning watercolor is hard enough.


Why make it next to impossible?


Tip #4 – Pay A Little More For Professional Watercolor Paper


You’re Worth It!


2 thoughts on “Beginner Tip #4: The Proof Is In The Paper

  1. June you are so right,In my old age the saying ,you get what you pay for is so true as long as you are informed! I had been buying Walmart paper until I got cotton pressed paper from our friend in Charlotte.I use cheap paper to test for color and techniques. John

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