Beginner Tip #1: What Do OJ & Watercolor Have In Common?

Both Are Better Fresh-Squeezed 🙂

The next several posts are going to address common pitfalls I see my watercolor students fall into and struggle in. They may seem obvious and easy to do, but over and over, I’ve observed resistance to these simple tips and the resulting artist angst when paintings don’t turn out as desired.

Why Use Fresh-Squeezed Pigment?

1 – It gives rich, saturated color, effortlessly – keeping you in the flow 🙂

2 – It prevents overworking – You don’t have to keep going back into your previous stroke to achieve a deeper value.

3 – It eliminates digging,digging, digging in dried-out wells while hard edges are forming on your painting 😦

4 – It increases probability of a dynamite painting!


Tip#1 – Use Fresh-Squeezed Pigment



You’re Worth it!


4 thoughts on “Beginner Tip #1: What Do OJ & Watercolor Have In Common?

  1. Hey June, I have a question regarding this… I found even freshly-squeezed paints from the tube dries quite fast, and if I do not use a color for 2-3 days, it drys out. Since not every painting uses every color I have on the palette, I found it quite difficult to keep them all juicy and moist. Any tips? Thanks!

  2. Hi Arena!

    Thanks for your question. I have found the more pigment that is put in the wells, the less it dries out. A palette with a close fitting lid also helps. When I am unable to paint for 2-3 days, I mist the pigment in the wells with a water mister. Plus, in the summer I store the palette in the fridge. But that’s more about preventing mold (which I’ve had happen).

    I hope these suggestions help. Anyone else have any tips on preventing pigment from drying out?

    Great question. This could be another post.

  3. I will definitely try the mister and the fridge. Since I am having the heat on the paints drys relatively fast, which I really hate. And I probably should close my palette lid more often… 😛

    Thanks for the detailed answer! I will try them out and let you know how they work. 😉

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