Endings & Beginnings

So many people I know are beginning again.

One has joined the Navy. He leaves Feb. 1 for Michigan. He’s 28.

One just phoned this morning. “Let’s get together. I’ve sold my house and I’m moving to Cary in two weeks to start my new job.” She’s 58.

One is adjusting to assisted living. Not able to live independently any longer. She’s 88.

Today, I am thinking of these people, these brave, supple souls, as I mat and frame what has become my favorite image from 2011.

It is an image of a butterfly-weed seed pod. This native, NC plant is the sole host plant for Monarchs. It is the only plant the Monarch female lays her eggs, the only plant the Monarch caterpillars eat and the only plant the Monarch butterflies use for nectar.

It shows transforming seeds being born out of a dying seed pod, resembling hands raised in surrender and praise. It fills me with hope. Hope, I wanted to share with you.

Always, we begin again. No matter our age.

All endings are beginnings…just ask the caterpillar.

2 thoughts on “Endings & Beginnings

  1. I love it!
    Thank you, June, for sharing this!
    You have a great beginning too.

    from Buenos Aires

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