Making Room For The New

Letting Go turned three this year.

 At first glance, you see an aging, rust-stained house surrounded by curled, dead leaves. If the rendering succeeds one notices a few leaves sprinkled on the steps like breadcrumbs leading the viewer’s eye to study a weathered door. Behind the door hangs a worn, torn shade and behind the shade a soft glowing light emanates.

Eventually, many of us will enter into seasons of decline. But within the dwelling, within us, the light is there. Indwelling. Transforming.

I love this imagery.

Especially, this time of year.


I entered Letting Go into as many art shows as I could her first two years (most competition guidelines require the work not be over two years old). She did well and was even published in October 2010 Watercolor Artist, Rough Starts: Creativity Workshop, a column I wrote explaining how I create texture.

I had considered never selling her. Some things you just want to hold on to. But a few weeks ago someone, while visiting in our home, asked about her…Something inside me shifted and…

Letting Go is now happily hanging in New Zealand!


 The new digital camera body that takes the interchangeable Canon lenses that have been sitting in my closet for 8 years sure feels good. Not to mention the watch I was able to buy my husband for Christmas.

Letting Go Can Be a Good Thing.


4 thoughts on “Making Room For The New

  1. I love this painting! (I’ve read the article on Watercolor Artist and tried the method on a few of my own paintings… :-P) Congratulation on all the awards and honors — it’s well deserved!!!

  2. Arena – and congratulations to you! I read on your blog of your decision to become a full-time artist. Your work is stunning and well-desrving of honors you have received. Happy to meet you 🙂

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