Amazing Brush Discovery

Only for the brave and desperate

Iris No. 15 reference photo. For those new to my blog, this is part of the All About Iris Series I’m creating for an Oct. 2013 exhibition at The Campbell House, Moore County Arts Council,  in Southern Pines. NC. A collection of 60 paintings, all from flowers from my flower gardening efforts.


Was happy with my initial wash.

But, further along into the painting, felt lower right corner shapes shot viewer out of the painting and started trying to correct with value and color and edge shifts.

Nothing worked and nothing to lose…

Time to share my amazing brush discovery…

A toothbrush did this.

Especially happy to sign this one!

Not a painting method I would recommend.

And only an option for strong watercolor paper.

This was on Arches 140 lb CP. Less durable paper would turn into a pulpy mess.

Iris No. 15, 20x15

I am always doing that which I cannot do,

in order to learn how to do it.

-Pablo Picasso

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