Missing Cow Alert

Have You Seen This Cow?

This white cow was last seen leaving Second Street Gallery, 130 South Second St., Albemarle, NC on or around Thu., Sept. 1 en route to Jacksonville, AL via USPS.

All are anxiously wringing their hands to her whereabouts: the gallery owner who escorted White Cow safely to the US Post Office, the art buyer who made the investment in White Cow and the artist, who may be called upon to reproduce White Cow 😮

Now, of course we are referring to the watercolor of White Cow and not the model herself. Who, the last time I looked, was contentedly grazing in her pasture near City Municipal Pond on Hwy 642 in Anson County, blissfully unaware of all the hullabaloo surrounding her lovely visage.

I had to make sure she was still there in case…wish me luck if I need to persuade her to agree to another photo shoot…

2 thoughts on “Missing Cow Alert

  1. Love the “white cow” painting. I have been working on a white cow painting, also….and am about ready to shred it and start all over…colors getting too muddy, etc.

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