Out Of Quiet

I’ve spent the morning (in between four loads of laundry) lost in the continuation of Iris No. 14 that was begun as a demo in the Watercolor Sculpting Workshop I offered yesterday at Artists League of the Sandhills in Aberdeen, NC.

An additive and subtractive method of creating form. Color is painted in and lifted out, in sections. Sometimes wet-onto-dry, sometimes wet-into-wet. Sometimes following the photo reference, other times heeding the painting’s call to take a different path.

It’s been a much-needed day of shutting out noise and distractions. For me, quiet and solitude give rise to the flow and expansiveness of creativity.

As I stepped away to consider Iris No. 14 from a distance and to begin laundry load no. 5 the thought came to share this with my students from yesterday who I am wishing the same kind of rejuvenating day, especially for the one who was not able to be with us. I believe that was your white lily watercolor I admired and almost used as an example. Funny, what one can hear when it is quiet enough. Peace.

True contemplation always overflows into creation –

it becomes a creative act. 

-Beverly Lanzetta

the Artist’s Rule, by Christine Valters Paintner

4 thoughts on “Out Of Quiet

  1. Hi Judy,

    White Cow’s journey has created a few laughs and extra pre-cautions. I asked the gallery owner before posting. She loved the idea. We are all glad it had a happy ending.

    Looks like I need to come to Mt. Holly and check out Catawba River Artisans! Nice to connect with another NC artist. Thanks for commenting.


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