Youtube Art Demo – Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Video

Take an inside look into the world of Dreamscaping with Alcohol Inks, an unconventional, highly fluid, forgiving medium with the look of stained glass.

Dreamscapes are created out of an intuitive place without the use of brushes or a pre-planned sketch. A great way to get in touch with your right-brained inner artist.

 To See Preview Cips from

Level 1 Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping

With June Rollins™, Visit:

 Dreamscaping With Alcohol Inks

The next Dreamscaping with Alcohol Inks Workshop is Mon., August 22 at Mint Hill Arts from 9am-12pm.

Min. of 8 required to have class. For more details and to register, visit Mint Hill Arts

Come explore new worlds with Dreamscaping.

Great for beginners and experienced artists who want to loosen-up 🙂

It’s a happy talent to know how to play.

– Emerson

8 thoughts on “Youtube Art Demo – Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Video

  1. Dear June,
    I am an artist, always trying out new mediums. Came across your website, love your work which has inspired me to buy some inks.
    Love using them but have some teething problems. Trying to achieve straight lines in landscapes turn out as blobs of ink and when flicking randam white dots from a brush using the blending solution isn’t all that successfull. Need some good advise please.

  2. Hi Andrea, happy to hear you are experimenting with the inks. Two methods come to mind to achieve straight lines:

    1. When lifting, use a square cosmetic pad and let a ruler be your guide.
    2. Use artist masking tape to create straight edges.

    I haven’t intentionally tried to create straight edges, liking more organic edges in the Dreamscapes. But now that I’m thinking about it…

    Happy Discoveries!

  3. June,love your work. How do I go about purchasing your videos? I’ve worked with acrylics and watercolors and look forward to learning new techniques.

  4. i want to start using alcohol inks, i love the art, but finding it difficult to acctually know what i will basically need, to get started, i want to do a mixed media work and draw as well as using the inks what type of pen should i use for this. thankyou for any help.

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