Christos Anesti!

 Alithos Anesti!

Christ is alive, and goes before us

to show and share what love can do.

This is the day of new beginnings;

our God is making all things new.

Do you recognize the above watercolor?

The header of this blog shows it in process.

Because my stats indicate the most frequently visited posts are the watercolor demonstrations, the following several weeks will show the behind-the-scene steps of Clothed In Majesty & Light, No. 9 in the All About Iris Series.

Happy Easter!

4 thoughts on “Christos Anesti!

  1. Beautiful June, Iris are my favorite flower and I have about 50 blooming now… every color even this lovely dark Yellow..

  2. And every flower that blooms tells the true thing – He is alive! In our earth and in our lives.

    It’s beautiful, June. Happy Easter, my friend –

    love, Susan

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