“Do I Need To Go?”

Easter Sunday is the most attended church service of the year. Or, maybe it’s Christmas Eve. Either way, people who don’t normally come to church, come those two times. And for good reason. They’re celebrations.

Not so for Ash Wednesday. And definitely, not so for Maundy Thursday, which was last night and fresh in my heart and mind. One person’s comment, after inquiring and being told what these services entail, sums up why.

That sounds like a downer.

Believe me, I understand. Many times, when my husband has been taking down his black bible and putting on his black suit, I have asked, “Do I need to go?”

Suffering is not my first choice.


During my Lenten journey a few years ago, I painted this watercolor. Each Maundy Thursday since, I bring  it out from its hiding place and place it on a table we have to walk by in our home.

It’s the center of a triptych. The other two panels are more torn. I can only leave it up for the day before putting it away again. But, it won’t be put away.

 Do I need to go?

In the chilly, early morning darkness this Sunday I will huddle together with others in the Presbyterian Courtyard in our little town to witness the Son rising.  We will go out to breakfast and later over lunch we will say how wonderful it was to see so many at the eleven o’clock service.

This Easter, in celebration of all things new, I have a new watercolor to share with you…until then…in confident knowledge, we wait and we hope.


2 thoughts on ““Do I Need To Go?”

  1. I really was blessed by my church’s Good Friday service last evening meditating on Christ’s great suffering and sacrifice for me and all the people who come to Him by faith alone! If not for His suffering and sacrifice, there would be no celebration!
    Therefore, I am looking forward to tomorrow, when I will worship in freedom the Resurrected One and pray for my brothers and sisters around the world who worship and proclaim Him at great personal risks. It is not about me—it is all about Jesus Christ.

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