If It Doesn’t Look Right…

It Probably, Isn’t.

Last week when I posted the daylily, I’ve since titled, Carpe Diem, I thought it was near completion. I was actually feeling pretty good about it.

Good enough to post it.

But when I looked at it the next day, something didn’t look right.

What was it?

Were the values off?

On Monday, I made some adjustments. Better, but not enough.

How about the color temperature?

On Wednesday, I introduced ultramarine blue into the complimentary red and green color scheme adding some cool undertones.  Better…

But, it still didn’t look right 😦

This morning, I saw it. The half-circle shape needed to be altered. Much better. But still…it didn’t look right.

I had already suspected it, but had been in denial. A part of the painting I really liked in the upper left quadrant had to go. I rationalized. Couldn’t it be an effective counterpoint? Good try. In truth, the light-valued, hard-edge on the upper left petal, as glorious as it was, was fighting the focal area.

"Rise And Shine," 12x16, oil on canvas

There, I think that’s it. I may feel differently tomorrow.

But at least I felt good enough to sign it today 🙂

People look at their paintings

and don’t know what’s wrong.

And I say, “look at your edges.”

–Liz Kenyon

Enjoy the Journey!


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