Got A Plan?

I think she’s showing off now 🙂

Or, maybe just giving it all she’s got. A good role model for any endeavor.

I’m a list-maker, goal-setter, let’s-get-it-done kind of person. Guess that blows the theory that all artists are unorganized and out there somewhere 😀

First quarter of this year was devoted to class preparation and teaching. Second quarter (i hope), will be to flower gardening, gathering flower reference photos and painting two flowers a month.

My motivation? Agreeing to have 60 flower paintings by October 2013 to exhibit at The Campbell House sponsored by Moore County Arts Council in Southern Pines, NC. Two flower paintings a month (between now and then) is the plan to prevent me from going into overwhelm 😮

And what does my inner artist have to say about all this structure? She says she wants to learn oils! No April Fool’s. We’ve struck a deal because she can be very difficult when she doesn’t get her way.

I’ll keep you posted over the next few months on our progress with some step-by-step demos of projects in the works. You may even see an oil painting or two 🙂

Inch By Inch, It’s A Cinch.

It’s Only Hard, By The Yard.

Enjoy The Journey!


2 thoughts on “Got A Plan?

  1. June,
    Happy to hear that you are feeding your “inner artist” with oil. It’s heart healthy. May your happy heart produce fabulous & fun works of the heart. …..Chris

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