Learning From The Best

One of the most helpful tips I ever received from another artist was to, learn from the best. Even if it means paying a little more. It will be worth it.

She was referring to taking art workshops. And as much as I agree and have tried to follow her advice,  time and budget constraints have sometimes prevented me from enrolling in as many workshops as I would like.

But all is not lost. Thank goodness for content-rich, art instruction available on-line, in magazines, books and DVDs. Especially DVDs.

Through these methods I have been able to learn from the best while snacking on granola bars in the comfort of my studio or while sweating it out on my treadmill. And no worries if I didn’t get it the first time 🙂

I really don’t know where I would be without these accomplished artists who make home visits. They have been Jiminy Crickets whispering in my ear offering direction and personal trainers giving me a push when I’ve been lagging  behind. Most of all, they have been encouraging, real-life, role models, leading by example.

So, you will understand how thrilled I was when I received an e-mail from Kelly at Creative Catalyst, www.ccpvideos.com a few weeks ago about the possibility of reposting one of my earlier blog posts, Eleven Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Workshop, as  their February 2011 Blog Spotlight, http://ccpvideos.com/community/blog/eleven-ways-get-most-out-your-next-art-workshop.

They have 9,000+ subscribers to my 39. I didn’t even have to think about it 🙂

Eager to meet some of the best art instructors in the nation? Visit, www.ccpvideos.com

Enjoy The Journey,


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