The Pansy Project

I found out yesterday that Come Test The Waters, the absolute beginner watercolor class, I’m teaching on Jan. 7 through, Artists League of the Sandhills in Aberdeen, NC is full. Ten people are trusting me, or at least trying me out 😉  to help guide them into the wonderful world of watercolor. Not something I take lightly.

In early November I set out 24 potted pansies in hopes of garnering a few models for the class. This afternoon I deadheaded spent blooms to encourage an abundance of fresh ones.

Symbolic, especially during Advent when I review the past year’s activities and consider the next. Eliminating some, readjusting others in order to make room for the new I hope will come, like the bouquet of just-picked pansies for my students on Jan. 7.

I brought in a few blooms not damaged by the recent freezing temperatures and practiced what I want to share with the class. Painting a simple subject from life in a loose style using both wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet techniques is the plan to help get my students off too a fresh start.

And the fresh start for me was the sweet serenity of a quiet afternoon painting pansies on December 22 instead of wildly rushing about searching for last-minute, holiday whatevers.

A life lived in chaos

is an impossibility for the artist.

–Madeleine L’Engle

2 thoughts on “The Pansy Project

  1. I really enjoyed this post, and yes, it’s WAY MORE ENJOYABLE TO PAINT PANSIES than to be rushing around getting all stressed out with all that Christmas shopping! Artists don’t “do” Christmas! 🙂

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