“Critique Exchange” Response

One of my subscribers took me up on the “Critique Exchange” offered in the last post and gave me permission to post her painting and the critique.

I hope this provides encouragement and  hope to hear from other subscribers who are eligible (as outlined in  last week’s post) by Dec. 15th.

White Lily, 24×36, Acrylic, by Carol Evans

White Lily immediately grabs my attention with its luminous strength, power and drama. The artist shows a deep passion for and knowledge of the subject. There is a skillful and confident handling of the medium with bold composition, strong color and value choices.

What I especially love:

  1. The combination of pure orange-red against white with neutralized greens.
  2. The flower reads white, but is anything but. Excellent shading.
  3. The wide value range. Love those background darks.
  4. Skillful shading creates depth in subject and background. Interesting shapes.
  5. The close-up, slightly off-centered composition with cropped petals anchors subject.

Area to question:

Could anything be done to make the viewer’s eye linger a little longer in the painting?


Carol, who is a young 71, has worked in watercolor and egg tempera for thirty years and has only been working in acrylics for the past two years. She welcomes your comments.

5 thoughts on ““Critique Exchange” Response

  1. Similar to the artist I am just doing acrylic. And I think this is a great painting. But the upper right the petal goes out or off the top of the painting which makes your eye go up and not into the painting. Perhaps if there were green leaves instead, keeping the background on both sides more even? Or at least not the white petal going up.

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