“Critique Exchange” Offer To My Subscribers

One of the most horizon expanding critiques I ever received was a question which after five years, continues to whisper in my ear each time I step away from paintings in progress.

The artist I exposed my soul to simply asked, Where are your areas of rest?

I would like to offer this same critique method to you, my 23 subscribers as of this post, because I am thankful to you for subscribing to my blog, From The Art, begun March 2010.

Here’s where the exchange comes in 😉  In all my creative endeavors; painting, writing, blogging, I am finding my way and wanting new eyes to see past currently perceived horizons. What I’m proposing is a critique exchange. Here are the details:

In the subject line, write critique exchange and e-mail, artbyjune@yahoo.com, (using the e-mail address that registers you as a subscriber to my blog) a low resolution digital (72 dpi and no more than 500 pixels on longest side) of one of your paintings, collages, etc. along with responses to the following three questions and I will e-mail you back a critique of your painting:

1. I subscribe to From The Art because…

2. I would like to see more ….

3. I would like to see less….

And like all offers, there is a deadline. I need to receive your image and responses by Wed., Dec. 15th. Your critique will be e-mailed to you by Mon., Jan. 31, 2011.

Oh, and one other matter. Please include if you would like the critique to be private between you and me or, if you would like the option of having your image and critique included in a future From The Art post in 2011.

A person can grow

only as much

as his horizon allows.


–John Powell

2 thoughts on ““Critique Exchange” Offer To My Subscribers

  1. This is a GREAT idea! — and so generous of you to make this offer! I will certainly take you up on it. Funny… at this very moment, I just (now) brought a rough sketch over here to my daughter (it’s a portrait of my g-g-daughter) I just wanted someone else’s opinion on this, like: DO YOU REALLY THINK I CAN DO THIS??? This little girl is a fiery redhead, she’s sitting outside in the grass with a fluffy (tutu-like) dress on (aqua in color) and has a fixed (blue-eyed) “look” and is sucking her thumb. Somehow, I have always wanted to do this picture, so I sat down this morning and sketched Abigayle on a small piece of paper, but then — it wasn’t half bad! — so, I was really wanting to see some COLOR ON IT. But of course the watercolor just made puddles and curled up paper… Oh well… I THINK (?) I am encouraged enough to actually DO THIS on good waterclor paper and when I get finished I will send it to you for you to critique, o.k.?

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