Alcohol Ink Demonstration

Here are a few photos of me demonstrating Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes at  SPCC’s Annual Art & Quilt Show at Olde Mill Galleries in Wadesboro, NC on Nov. 18th. Photos courtesy of Jim Muldrow, Hilda Madaras and one other mystery photographer who I asked to take a photo with my camera and failed to get her name.

A mathematics professor at SPCC is telling me the properties of alcohol inks resemble the natural laws of viscosity in the sky’s cloud formations which is why the Dreamscapes can so take on the illusion of atmospheric effects. I was delighted to find this out.


The interaction of the inks on the paper is intriguing to watch.


Here orange is interacting with blue and forming a new color and an interesting edge within seconds.


The foreground of this Dreamscape is being formed using the bottle tip as a pen and drawing directly on the paper. Hilda decided to enroll in the Dec. 11th Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes Workshop, but…


My new friend, Katie, accepted the offer to give alcohol inks a try that night…


…and was amazed with her creation.

If you would like to bring out your inner artist with a spirit of fun and discovery using alcohol inks, visit for more info,or e-mail to be notified of the next Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes Workshop.


4 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink Demonstration

  1. hi June , absolutely amazing , alcohol inks i have only dicovered it a few days ago ,I live in South Africa , will you ever be coming there I am trying to buy all the inks in the states which is not that easy either as they cant send it air mail any help or advise you can give me would help
    regards Betsy Thomson

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